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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Marinated Tri-Color Bell Pepper and Mushroom Salad

I don't know what's got into me, but I'm at an age and space in my life that now I can enjoy the 'fruits of my labor' as the saying goes! I'm actually sharing things on my food blog that really has everything to do about FOOD, and of course plenty of 'thrift finds' which seriously, I'm keeping that to myself...

Why? you ask; because then you will all be coming to S. Florida to visit and grab all the amazing things that I have yet to 'conquer' at a ridiculously cheap price!...LOL... I guarantee, nowhere in the states will you find such beautiful and practically new items for your home, from wares, dishes, pots and pans, glass ware, clothes, furniture, and other household items!

Now, I'm way off the subject! Way back to the mid to late 80's in my prime catering days, I purchased not one: but 2-35mil meter cameras, a Nikon, and a Canon with all the lenses including the telescope lenses for the close up shots, spent about $1,000. for the both, purchased at a local pawn shop, (Now my 14yr. old granddaughter Gabby has it and loves it, along with her latest Canon camera.)

I took some amazing photos with it, not knowing how the photos would turn way to see and make adjustment before developing the photo! Well, here's an example of my pioneering days as a Private/Chef Caterer, which I rarely talk about, but nice to share these days!

I dug up my photo to scan, and also found the recipe on my trusty 4x6 index card which I also scanned to post the recipe of this delicious, and creative salad. The recipe and photo is from about 20 years ago, just when I got my first computer, with Windows 95 and AOL which still is my e-mail provider! Wow, to think I could've...would've...should've started my food blog which literally did not exist, for anyone, until probably starting ten years later, in 2006!
Here's another photo from 1996...just about when the Caprese Salad came into popularity...and still going very strong! I've made this salad so many different ways but this was one of my favorite with the addition of the pitted Nicoise olives, capers and snipped sun-dried tomatoes. The addition of the oil and balsamic vinegar is used just when serving!
Back in 1996, I worked for a small Cafe locally, part time, and also worked as a Private Chef for clients in Palm Beach, and Boca Raton, Florida for dinners and parties! Here are some samples of my goodies! The third from either side is the Caprese Salad, and the last one is my Marinated Tri-Color Peppers!

People often ask me what is my favorite cuisine, or most favorite things to make, I get tongue-tied and not able to answer right away because I have so many interests in the cooking field, but as I was reviewing my old (well, not so old) recipes, I see that it must be SALADS, and lots of it, which I also have posted on my Pinterest boards...the second favorite PASTAS, which I have also made at my work, and catering, and 3rd. has to be GRILLING...meats, and seafoods for sure! My all-time favorite cuisine is Italian, for sure...who doesn't love Italian food?!

Now that I share again...once more of some of my memories in actual photos, I feel HAPPY, and set for another day of adventures in FOOD and THRIFT!